Treatment and services

Autism is a childhood developmental disorder. There is no single cure to autism. The treatment program is usually a combination of therapies working on multi-dimensions.  It is not a quick fix, so “patience” is a must.

For parents, we urge you to :


And parents please do not :

We believe and advocate prevention, detection, early intervention and recovery. Educational therapies and biomedical options available today are much better than in past decades, and they should be much better in the future. However, it is often up to parents to find those services, determine which are the most appropriate for their child, and ensure that they are properly implemented. Parents are a child's most powerful advocates and teachers. With the right mix of interventions, most children with autism will be able to improve. As we learn more, children with autism will have a better chance to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

The following directory of services is compiled with the intention of letting our parents know what services are available.  The services or treatment programs are not listed in any particular order and they are not necessarily recommended by ACF.

We are also constantly updating this list and if anyone has any contact they feel may be useful to other parents, please let us know.

Treatment options/services include:-



















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