Floortime (DIR -"Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based")
Floortime approach provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating children challenged by autism spectrum and related disorders. It focuses on helping children master the building blocks
of relating, communicating and thinking, rather than on symptoms alone. The Floortime approach focuses on teaching children to master developmental milestones. It uses a combination of behavioural management, structured teaching and intensive work with both parents and therapists in a more natural environment to teach and use new skills. Proponents of this method believe that it goes beyond the reward-based system of ABA to address root developmental issues.  Floortime consists of a 20-to-30-minute period in which parents interact and play with their child. These interactions foster the building of emotional, intellectual, cognitive and interpersonal skills. Therapists and trained educators then work with the child, using techniques based on Floortime principles.