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'This is far from satisfactory,' said Dr Iris Lau Kin-chun, a physician at the Child Development and Assessment Clinic in the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. 'Some NGOs are offering self-financed programmes so that children can have some early training, and we are relying very much on these NGOs to provide more services. The government doesn't have the manpower resources, and even the private sector resources have long waiting lists.'
According to the second China National Sample Survey on Disability, there are 100,000 autistic children in China—-but the real number is “much bigger,” as an official whose surname is Li with the Beijing Rehabilitation Association for Autistic Children (BRAAC) notes. He notes that Beijing alone has “800,000 autistic children,”  (source: Xinhua) while a report on China Central Television (CCTV) claims that China has 1.8 million autistic persons, 400,000 of which are children.ACF proposes to sponsor the following projects/events in 2008/2009 :
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