TEACHH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication- Handicapped Children)
With TEACHH treatment you won’t be adapting the child to the world; you will be adapting the world to
the child.  Instead of trying to force the child with autism to understand how the world works, you will teach the child how to function in the world. TEACHH is a way of helping the child with autism avoid the behaviours that deem them “strange” or outsiders in
the real world.  Instead of a child making a gesture or a loud noise when experiencing pain or other feelings, the child will be taught how to express the feeling with other communication skills.There are picture or picture-word schedules for individual children and for the class. Individual work systems are organized to maximize independent functioning and capitalize on the child’s affinity for routines. Spontaneous functional communication is the language goal of TEACCH, and alternative modes of communication such as pictures, manual signs, and written words are used when speech is particularly difficult for the child. Such strategies neutralize or de-emphasize deficits common in children with autism and minimize behavioural problems.